We thrive on helping patients overcome their struggles with mental health

We help our patients cope with the isolation that comes with depression and mental illness. By coupling the latest technology with support and education, our goal is to provide patients with sustainable long-term recovery from depression.

Read John's Testimonial

“I have battled depression for years and the symptoms only got worse, making it more difficult to overcome negative feelings. My therapist and counselor at the time suggested that I try TMS therapy. It saved my life. It has given me a new life. My hope is that my story will help others who, like myself, found no success with conventional medication treatment, and hopefully their road to recovery will not be as long as mine.”

– John, MDD patient treated with TMS Therapy

Read Brian's Testimonial

“My experience at Pulse has been profound! I’m about a month in and feeling significantly lifted where my general mood baseline has increased. Friends and co-workers have commented on me being lighter and more animated and not all of them are aware that I am getting TMS. I’m very grateful for the crew at Pulse who are friendly, accommodating, and operate with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend for anyone who has also suffered from depression and other mood disorders.”

– Brian, treated At Pulse TMS

Read Grant's Testimonial

“I’ve dealt with depression and substance abuse for as long as I can remember. Medications were rarely effective and I always suffer tons of side effects. Talk Therapy was helpful at times but can’t fix the physical effects of my depression when it gets bad. TMS has been a total game changer. I have no more aggressive mood swings, I have more energy and motivation than I did before and the best part is that my treatment is done and I don’t have to cope with crappy side effects. The staff is great and everyone was super knowledgable, helpful and, most of all, kind. Great energy all around. I’d recommend it to anyone considering the treatment.”

– Grant, treated At Pulse TMS

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