TMS Treatment

What Is Tms Treatment For Depression?

TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Are you or a loved one suffering from depression? Many people do not realize they suffer from a resistant form of depression. They go through life tolerating symptoms such as decreased energy, irritability, changes in eating habits, difficulty sleeping (or sleeping too much), and a lack of interest in things that once were pleasurable. If medications or other forms of treatment have not been successful, TMS Therapy may be right for you.

Why Choose Pulse?

Brainsway Technology

Pulse TMS is proud to utilize TMS technology provided by Brainsway, the most advanced and highly trusted Deep TMS technology currently available to patients in California suffering from resistant forms of depression.

Modern, Comfortable Setting

From our lobby to treatment setting, your experience should be peaceful, comfortable, and serene. We take pride in creating a maximum level of comfort in our facilities.

The Perfect Location

We are conveniently located in West LA near the 405 and 10 freeways, providing easy access for Los Angeles residents to schedule treatments around job and family obligations.

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We thrive on helping patients overcome their struggles with mental health

We help our patients cope with the isolation that comes with depression and mental illness. By coupling the latest technology with support and education, our goal is to provide patients with sustainable long-term recovery from depression.

John’s Testimonial

“I have battled depression for years and the symptoms only got worse, making it more difficult to overcome negative feelings. My therapist and counselor at the time suggested that I try TMS therapy. It saved my life. It has given me a new life. My hope is that my story will help others who, like myself, found no success with conventional medication treatment, and hopefully their road to recovery will not be as long as mine.”

– John, MDD patient treated with TMS Therapy

Brian’s Testimonial

“My experience at Pulse has been profound! I’m about a month in and feeling significantly lifted where my general mood baseline has increased. Friends and co-workers have commented on me being lighter and more animated and not all of them are aware that I am getting TMS. I’m very grateful for the crew at Pulse who are friendly, accommodating, and operate with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend for anyone who has also suffered from depression and other mood disorders.”

– Brian, treated at Pulse TMS